If you’ve ever been to NYC, you know that getting to the airports is really hard. For some reason, the public transit system doesn’t extend to the airports (unless you want it to take FOREVER).

So anyways, when I have to travel for business they usually send a car service which isn’t bad. Last night the guy was TERRIBLE. He showed up 15 minutes late and then spent 45 minutes driving around Brooklyn. In his defense, all the streets were packed at a dead stop… but if he would have just stayed on the normal way, we probably would have been on the expressway in about 20 minutes — no big deal.

My flight was at 6:59 and at 6:26 we were FINALLY getting on the expressway. I didn’t think there was any chance in the world that I would make my flight but somehow, I got to the airport at 6:47. Yep, 12 minutes before my flight. Luckily I was flying out of the business terminal which was absolutely dead and made it.

Geesh. Talk about unnecessary stress. 😉

I am one of those weird people who, when traveling on business, I take public transportation. I grabbed the bus from the airport and headed to the best place ever: Chipotle.

And here is an after photo of how I like to eat my burrito bol:

So good.

Today I am taking a rest day (I did randomly do 10 burpees this morning, yay for meeting November goals) but tomorrow I hope to get out and run somewhere in Boston before I have to work. The city feels SO different since I’ve only ever really been here for the marathon. Where are the thousands of crazy runners?


What’s the latest you’ve arrived at the airport before a flight? Chipotle lovers, how do you eat your burrito and do you get the same thing every time? 

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