Yesterday I had an awesome run in Boston.

I’ve only ever been to Boston before for the marathon and because of that, I never really had a chance to run the city on my own. I always take one or two days off before a marathon and we get in Saturday, so if I do run that day, I do early in the morning before we arrive. I’ve always wanted to run along the Charles and I finally got my chance.

It was one of those runs that make you love running! I did about five miles according to The leaves were in their fall splendor and all the runners there seem so nice, lots of smiles and head nods. Even though it started raining (OK, pouring…) towards the end, I enjoyed it so much. I did 5 miles.

It rained most of the day, which meant my flight was delayed by like 45 minutes, but somehow I got this beautiful picture once up in the sky:

I am definitely one of those nerds that takes pictures out the window like I’ve never flown before. Considering I was on the shuttle (aka the business flight), I probably looked such an even bigger nerd.

It was nice to be home and to celebrate, I tried out a new cider I picked up last weekend:

Apparently, this is only around for a limited time since it’s a winter seasonal… it is SO good. If you are a cider lover, you will like it!

I thought about going running this morning, to the point I even set my alarm but then I remembered that I’m supposed to be in taper phase which means I take a few more days off than normal during the week. Only two more runs to go until it’s marathon time!


When’s the last time you had the most amazing run? Do you have any dorky habits? 

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