Soo if you’ve visited sometime in the past two days, you probably saw some weird and funky stuff on the site… like a pinecone header?! I was having some glitchy issues but they should all be worked out now. And as a thank you for dealing with it all, an awesome giveaway! Check it out and enter.

On Thursday, we went for packet pick up for the Brooklyn Marathon. This is by far the smallest marathon I’ve run, which I think has its advantages. First of all, instead of an expo… we went to a bar in Williamsburg and had free beer for the night. No complaints there! And I got the best number ever for my bib…

Is it bad that C had to point out to me that it was 26.2 minus the period?! Blame it on the beer.

I am still in disbelief that the Brooklyn Marathon is tomorrow. I am looking forward to it, but it feels weird to not have all the “big city” hype around the marathon. Walking to the marathon start isn’t completely new, I did it for the Twin Cities Marathon in 2006… but it will feel weird because the start is literally a few blocks away.

Since my true goal for this race is to “have fun,” I’m switching things up a bit — exactly what you aren’t supposed to do on race day. Three things that I’m trying out:

  • Wearing compression socks during the run. I usually save my compression gear until after my run, but I will be rocking some hot pink PRO Compression socks tomorrow! I want to see if it makes a difference, plus it will give me extra warmth.
  • Switching up the pre-marathon race dinner. I ALWAYS eat at Chipotle for my pre-marathon race dinner. One of our friends is having a Diwali party tonight so we are going to that instead of Chipotle. I think it’s a good trade-off — not like I’m switching from Chipotle to like BBQ — so we’ll see if that has an impact.
  • No spectator support. Usually I have a few people on the course to cheer me on, but this will be the first race I don’t have anyone. Really, I think it’s a GOOD thing since we are just doing a bunch of laps… but it will be interesting. When I ran 5 loops in Prospect Park for my training run, it was easy to get in the zone and concentrate on the laps. I told C he didn’t have to stand in the park for 3 hours and I think he was relieved.


Do you ever switch things up before a race? What’s the best race expo you’ve been to? 

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