So this whole running a marathon in Brooklyn really messed me up. I guess I really didn’t expect to be that sore since I run Prospect Park at least four days a week. Um, nope. This is going to be a very interesting commute this morning, particularly since there are lots of stairs and I have about a 3.6% of getting a seat on the subway. I really need to re-instate the rule that no going to work the day after running a marathon is allowed.

I forgot to share with you the race shirt we got:

I absolutely love it! It has such a clean and crisp design, plus the colors are perfect. You bet your bottom dollar I wore this out to brunch yesterday. We were at a roadhouse that’s kind of like a sports bar and the green looks a lot like Packer colors so I was safe (seriously, how did they win that game yesterday?).

I was proud of myself for not passing out super early. Usually I’m sleeping by like 8 p.m. after a race, ha. Last night I spent some time cuddling with my favorite while surfing the web so I had to stay awake (see, tricky).

However, today is a sad day. You are going to think I’m ridiculous. C and I have lived together for six years and when we first moved in, my parents gave us their old plate set:

So very 90s. I grew up with these plates when I was kid… and well, they aren’t broke so why get rid of them? We registered for some new plates for our wedding and now are replacing these and I’m kind of sad. This coming from the girl who cried on the way home after selling my car before moving up here.

Lastly I want to give Gayle a shout out for her AWESOME race this weekend for the Virtual Race for Hurricane Sandy! She rocked out her longested trail race, a 30K, in 5:25.

“I was saddened to see the destruction Sandy left and this was a perfect way for me to help from a distance. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help in a unique way.”


Amazing job! (P.S. tell me how your race went! Email me at bkynrunning (at)


Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! Today is the last day. 


Do you get attached to “stuff” and have a hard time letting it go? What’s your favorite way to relax after a race? 

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