Today is National Hug a Runner Day! The “holiday” started last year and apparently there wasn’t enough love that went around so we have to continue in the tradition this year. Or maybe it’s because people found out they really like to hug runners.

Why is it so awesome to hug a runner?

While we have the strongest legs known to anybody on the planet, we generally have the weakest upper body. You know, the whole T-Rex Syndrome thing. This means that we can give really good hugs without crushing you.

We are the nicest people you’ll ever meet. 
Minus the old-school runners who are all like “this is my sport and get off my roads,” the majority of runners (we’re talking 95% here) are REALLY nice. I mean, something has to be said about people who get up before the crack of dawn to run for a few hours, usually by themselves. We may be a little quirky, but we are super nice.
We dream the impossible and make it our reality. Whether it’s reaching for a BQ, hitting a trail race for the first time or simply going from the couch to running, we set ourselves goals — often REALLY high to reach goals — and make it real by just doing it. Hugging a runner makes some of this awesomeness come your way.
Sometimes you just need a hug. Let’s face it, sometimes you really just need a hug so this gives you a good reason to get that hug even if you don’t want to admit it.


Will you hug a runner today? Why do you think it’s so awesome to hug a runner? 



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