Happy day after Thanksgiving!

After talking smack about Black Friday for several weeks (that we weren’t going to do it), yep… we did it. C decided that he wanted to get a PlayStation Vita so we went to Game Stop at midnight last night, but of course the line was out of control so he bought a back up from Target instead. This morning we headed back to Game Stop (they have a white Vita that he really wants) and surprisingly they still had them in stock.

For me, I did some shopping online (best way!) and got some new work clothes from JC Penney (not as exciting). Oh, and I finally got my hoodie from Oiselle:

Of course, you can’t just buy ONE thing when it’s free shipping… I also had to get this infinity scarf:


Favorite Five (Black Friday edition)
Some great deals in the running world (and with my favorite brands):

  • Running Skirts is having a “marathon” of a sale — 26.2% off sitewide. I have some awesome arm sleeves, compression socks and a white Running Skirt from here and love it all!
  • PRO Compression is offering 20% off some socks and you can get the marathon sleeves for only $30. Use code TL20.
  • Oiselle is having free shipping today and they are doing some fun flash contests on Twitter today… definitely check it out!
  • My faves at Scared Panda have a sale for 25% the entire site, some shirts are on sale for $10 and you get free shipping and some goodies. Perfect stocking stuffers!
  • Sparkly Soul is offering 20% sitewide! Just use code BLACKFRIDAY.

So a Swedish pet insurance company wanted to show how awesome they are since they are customer owned… to do so, they allowed people to submit ideas for commercials and this might be the best one ever:



Nothing beats skydiving cats that can paw bump on their fall.


What are your random thoughts for today? Did you hit up any Black Friday sales? 

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