Last night I seriously had the most creepy dream ever. So apparently we lived in the Wall Street area and I tried to do a black market yarn deal (right before bed I bought a ton of yarn to make Christmas gifts, so I think that’s the tie in)… and it ended up being a drug deal (?). C and I were on the run with this super sketchy guy but ended up eating a diner on the Upper West Side. I think we stole a few cars in there and there was a shoot out at some point.

To think dreams are only seconds long and this much happened?

I think the creepiest part was I woke to one of the cats pounding at the door to get in, so of course I thought it was the people after us in the dream when I woke up super confused.

Needless to say, it was not a rough morning to wake up early after sleeping in for several days. I was really excited, too, because I finally got to try out my new Lululemon capris!

I can totally see why people are so hooked on this brand! The comfort level is seriously unreal. Now, I’m not sure if I’m ready to pay the big bucks (these were in the “we made too much” and I used a gift card) for running gear, but wow.

I think my favorite part of these pants (minus the tiny ruffle going down the side seam) are the knees:

I LOVE that they have a little extra give. This is like the best thing for people who use these as running capris. While spandex is already comfortable, the give in the knee area doesn’t restrict you at all.

Today was the first run that I did in the park after the Brooklyn Marathon, and despite running nine loops around the park, I’m not sick of it. I think taking a good week break from it really helped too.

Remember how I said yesterday I was kicking off training for Houston Marathon? It’s on.

In addition to ramping up my running, I am also back at cross-training. I’ve been kinda sketch about doing it for the past couple weeks (let’s be honest, since before the wedding…) and need to get back into it. Today I did some abs:

OK, this sounded pretty easy in my head and I thought I’d be adding more exercises. (Or doubling it.) Nope, I could barely hold the last plank (and had to take a few breaks). I think this shows that even if you only have a few minutes to work out, it’s completely worth it. I’m sure my abs will be screaming at me tomorrow, if not later today.


Are you a Lululemon addict? What’s your favorite brand of running gear? Do you cross-train regularly? 

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