Yesterday was a very exciting day…

We finally received our marriage certificate! That means that the official name change can finally begin.

Which is kind of interesting. I booked our flights for Christmas under my new last name and it’s going to be a tight squeeze if I actually have my new ID in time for our flight.

I am hitting up the social security office this morning and while most people say they can do both social security and DMV at the same time, NY State doesn’t recognize international marriage certificates so I can’t have that as “proof” of name change. You are required to have “6 points” of proof… and social security card only counts as 2 points. I’m not sure if I can get a new passport back in three weeks or so.

So let the journey begin…

…and it was also exciting because I got our Christmas decorations up!

Since our apartment is so tiny, it took me all of seven minutes. Nothing compared to a whole day that it would take to set up my parents’ Christmas tree. Two of those minutes were spent yelling at our cats for chewing on the tree.

Oh and speaking of the holidays, last night I stumbled across Elf4Health!



Elle from Nutritionella
and Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean are hosting it as a way to provide support for people’s holiday health goals. You are assigned an “Elf” who gives you extra support and love so you aren’t tempted to overindulge (more about how I’m preventing this tomorrow!). Such a cool idea and sounds so fun.

I missed the first round, but am signed up to join the second round. Lindsay is also the genius behind Foodie Pen Pals so this is sure to be a good time.


How much time do you spend decorating for the holidays? What are your holiday health goals? Anyone doing Runner’s World Run Streak? 

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