As I mentioned this weekend, we are seriously rocking out the fundraising for Hurricane Sandy Recovery! Summary: We are $74 from reaching $1,500. We have more than 15 amazing prizes from our sponsors to give away this weekend. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now! 100% of proceeds go straight to help those who are recovering from Hurricane Sandy (can you believe some people still don’t have electricity?!).

And plus you can join a roster of some amazing people who are doing amazing things as part of the race:

Amanda at Running on Waffles dedicated her race at the Philly Marathon a couple weekends ago to the Virtual Race for Hurricane Sandy. She ran an amazing 4:28 and even had Bart Yasso cheering her on at the finish!

Meghan at Little Girl in the Big World ran the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Petersburg. You have to check out the incredible medal she received for finishing!


Tell me about one of your recent races, whether it was for the Virtual Race or not!

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