So last night I did it:

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, it only hurt a little bit. I used to have my tongue and nose pierced and I think those were worst. I also have my belly button pierced but since I got that 10 years ago not quite sure what the pain was like. I’m happy I finally did it (after talking about it for 5 years!) and now it’s time to research some fun barbells to put in…

This morning I woke up not even close to being enthused about running. Every time I wake up with this feeling, I have a slight fear that I’m losing my passion for running. I know it sounds ridiculous but sometimes I wonder if that will ever happen.

Anyways, I shrugged off the excuse that my ear hurt temptation to stay in bed (it was 6 a.m. after all) and took my time getting ready. Since I ran 14 miles, I didn’t eat anything major before heading out the door… just a handful of animal crackers and a glass of water. Is it just me or does lukewarm water taste best in the morning? Yeah weird, I know.

I was finally out the door just before 7 a.m. and headed to the park for two loops. I was thinking about a post that Skinny Runner wrote earlier this week about “getting uncomfortable” in her run and this is something I wanted to try today. I think I’ve gotten really comfortable in my runs and forgot how to push myself harder to make myself better… the only way I’l get that sub-3:30 marathon time in January.

I think I did well, I stopped at a stoplight on my way back from the Brooklyn Bridge and my leg muscles were literally shaking. The last few miles were a little rough, but it was a good rough if that makes sense.

Today also kicked off the 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge and the #HolidayADay photo challenge! It’s not too late to sign up for either so definitely check them out.

Today also marks the end of the Virtual Race for Hurricane Sandy Recovery. Thank YOU to all who participated, donated, spread the word, etc. Separate post coming with details about who won what and of course a final tally of how much we raised!


Do you ever fear that you’ll lose your passion for running or [insert favorite sport]? How do you stay “uncomfortable” in your runs?




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