Umm so yeah, my whole getting back into reaching monthly goals last month? Didn’t quite happen. I think I epically failed at most of my goals. Here is a summary of what I said I was going to do… and how it turned out:


  1. Complete the Brooklyn Marathon. Main goal: have funCHECK. I had such a great time at the Brooklyn Marathon that I surprised myself! Definitely the highlight of running in November.
  2. Get back into cross training. I need to get back to cross training sessions at least two times a week, with push ups and planks throughout the rest of the week. The kettlebell is still in the corner, only getting love from C. I need to change this! I did get back into push ups and planks and am starting to build my time up again… but I think I can do better this month.
  3. Bring back the burpees! I am committing to doing burpees once a week. So I think I did burpees once in November. Oops.
  4. Jump rope! So my goal is to integrate 5 minutes of jump roping into my workouts at least twice a week. Yeah… this didn’t happen.
  5. Share our wedding with you! One post is up! I am working on number two and three, plus the honeymoon. And promise this will happen this month!

I’m not stopping though! I am setting some new goals for this month and resetting some of last month’s goals:
  1. Stay race free for the month. So you know that I am slightly obsessed with signing up and running races. While there are some fun ones this month (including the Jingle Bell Jog), I have vowed to myself to stay off the races for the month so I can focus on training for Houston and have really fresh legs when marathon day comes around.
  2. Complete the 2012 Closeout ChallengeI mentioned this on Friday, but it is by far one of the coolest challenges I’ve seen… and joined! You can pick several different exercises that you do to complete 2,012 reps. I have committed to doing squats, burpees and miles. So that will make sure my burpees squeak in this month. 🙂
  3. Speedwork! The nearest track is kind of a hike to get to and I’m not sure if I can work it into my schedule (unless I want to have some really late nights getting home) so I am committing to speedwork in the park… sprints between lamp posts, up hills, whatever. My goal is to break 3:30 at Houston and this will help me make that possible!.
  4. Share our wedding! I can’t believe this month will already be two months since we got married, holy cow.

    My goal is to share more wedding details with you and of course, the honeymoon, too! It might be too lofty to say I’m going to do it before our two month anniversary on December 13. Fun fact: December 6 is our dating anniversary, and this year marks 9 years that we’ve been together.


What are your goals for December? Did you meet yours in November? 

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