One of the things I’ve learned over the years is to be flexible with my running. We all get tied up into our training plans and push through, even if our body isn’t responding well. And well, that’s no good.

This week, my plan was really to step it up for the Houston Marathon and I feel like I have. Recap: I was a big slacker on Monday, I ran 7 miles on Tuesday with 3 miles at tempo, 8 miles yesterday and was planning to do 7 miles today… but my legs weren’t having it.

I could tell they were tired and it was time to step back and rethink my plans. Instead, I did 5 miles so my legs are fresh for Saturday’s long run. I know it’s not part of the “plan” but sometimes you have to go off plan and listen to your body. <— The most important part of training, no matter the distance.

I think the toughest part is listening to your body vs. fighting a mental battle. How do you distinguish between the two? It’s like when you try to cut down on eating and ask yourself, am I really hungry? You need to ask yourself, why am I really changing my training? And be honest.

After all, we all want to see that hard work pay off.


This week I’ve been running past a film set (they set it up right on the road outside of the park) and I could not find anything about it. Turns out, it’s “Winter’s Tale,” a movie with Will Smith, Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell and a few other big names. No luck seeing any of them, though. Granted they probably aren’t up filming at 6 a.m. But cool to see how the set has changed day after day. Now they have a bunch of fake snow out, hey it’s snow so it counts!

Speaking of it counts: today is our 9 year “dating” anniversary. Many people have told me I can’t count this anymore but whatever. Last night I saw some awesome facts about Pisces (me) and Taurus (C) on Twitter:



Yes, I am one of those crazy people that believe in zodiac signs. Not always… but some of the stuff that they say is interesting. Granted it could probably be applied to anyone. I feel like I’m such a Pisces (dreamer) and C is such a Taurus (realist)… sometimes we laugh at ourselves in conversations because we live up to it so much.


How do you distinguish between slacking and listening to your body? Are you into the whole Zodiac sign stuff?

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