Yesterday we started looking into travel options for Big Sur. It’s a little less than five months out so I hope that doesn’t make me crazy. Flight prices are amazing right now and it’s actually cheaper (okay, by a whole $6 per ticket) to fly into Monterrey instead of San Francisco. Any tips for things to do in San Fran? I went when I was like 12 and just remember Bubba Gump.

Then of course I got distracted and had to look up stuff for our Australia trip. Anyone been? Where do we need to go?

Can you be addicted to traveling? Because I just might be.


Favorite Five


Did you see the amazing new holiday edition sock that PRO Compression launched?



Amazing, right?! Plus get free shipping and 40% off with code SOM12. I am so in love with these.


You know how I’ve been on the quest for the perfect white chicken chili? I think I finally found it. Where you ask?

Chobani’s new online kitchen!

I love three things about this: a) it looks like the chili I have in my mind; b) I love that it’s only 300 calories; and c) it looks really easy to make. I think I’m still temporarily banned from making it (I guess that’s deserved after making it several weekends in a row…) but cannot wait to try this recipe out.


What are your random thoughts for the day?

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