Today was my second official long training run — 17 miles — for Houston. I can’t believe the race is only a little more than a month away! Seems like I was just registering for it.

I have some new fuel products to try out and decided to start with one that I’ve heard good things about (Meb is a spokesperson for them!):

Thoughts: Wah wah.

It’s supposed to be a meal replacement for long runs, and you drink it 30-45 minutes before you head out the door. I’ve been spoiled by CLICK because I had a rough time with the taste.

Yeah, not impressed. However, I am interested in giving it another try and a different flavor. Maybe not this training period but when I gear up for the next marathons. I think this is the best time to try out new fueling options and techniques but at the same time, it’s important not to do it on every long run because good long runs builds up your muscles and your confidence for race day.

It took me a little longer to get out the door this morning, mostly because of this guy stealing my socks:

Highlights from my run (in bullet form because I have a hard time completing paragraphs on long run days):

  1. I saw a notice that they will be filming the Good Wife on our street, one block from our apartment, on Monday and Tuesday! Amazing. Absolutely love that show. Maybe I can be a creeper in the background.
  2. Speaking of being a creeper, I wonder how many tourist photos I photobomb as I run across the Brooklyn Bridge. Today it was super foggy so there weren’t many people out but I think I still managed to get in four pictures.
  3. As I was running in the park, people were arriving for the Jingle Bell Jog. It was my promise to myself to not race this month so I didn’t sign up, but it makes me sad. Such a fun race! In memory, I am wearing my shirt from last year’s Jingle Bell Jog all day today.
  4. My stomach is very angry, I think because I’ve been eating too much fruit and dairy. I know, I know… the doctor told me not to! #SadFace. Plus I tried all new stuff on my run this morning so that might be a factor too.
  5. It was really good running weather today. Low 40s, overcast and misting. Perhaps I need to move to Seattle since I seem to have an obsession with their type of weather?


Overall it was a good run… I just focused on running. No thoughts about speed or trying to hit a certain time. Just a long run to enjoy the day and prepare for Houston.

Now it’s time to turn into an old lady and spend the day crocheting with my cat on my lap. (This box is filled with yarn:)

It’s a very glamorous life I lead…


Do you watch the Good Wife? What’s your favorite TV show? Tell me about any fun races you have planned this month!



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