Today is a well-deserved day off from running, which meant we slept in really late (like 9:30, ha) and went to brunch.

Since my name has been changed on half my stuff and not the other half (PLEASE cross your fingers that I get my updated passport ASAP!), I feel like I sound so dumb when I say my name is… and really it’s listed as the other name. C made reservations for brunch and I thought it was under the new name… so to cover my stumble, I was like “oh we just got married…” and the manager sent us a free dessert as congratulations…

Apparently we need to make this more known when we go places.

So that big box of yarn? Finally had time to break it open and get started. I’m making progress but get distracted easily…

He later banished himself to the floor to sleep on some paper.

Apparently I’m missing out on this trend. But I’m making progress! I’m happy to report that I made 42 of these, which the pattern calls for:

So on to the next step…

And I must say I am pretty jealous of all my Midwestern friends who are living out a blizzard right now. Minnesota is supposed to get up to 14″! We are stuck here with drizzling rain.


Are you a snow person? Do you make any of your holiday gifts?

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