It’s official: C has become a runner. He’s officially converted.

Although he still says that he doesn’t like it (just wants to bring cardio in to his workouts), I think its because he hasn’t hit that point where all you can think is “ohmygodthisisthebestthingintheworldiloverunningx10.”

Today is my first day as part of Elf 4 Health. I think this is SUCH an awesome idea and am so honored to be participating in it. Elle and Lindsay have done an awesome job organizing it. They have even come up with challenges for each day of the month. Today’s challenge?

Try to drink your body weight in ounces of water! 

This one might be tough but I’m going to try for it. Hey, I already have 16 ounces in this morning! Some tips to help yourself drink more water:

  • Drink it with your meals instead of drinking soda or juice. I’ve actually cut juice out of my breakfast meal for a LONG time because I realized I wasn’t even enjoying the taste of it.
  • Bring your water with you. I try to carry around a Nalgene bottle of water and fill it at least twice each day. I’ve been slacking lately and have only done it once, but today my goal is to have it filled up twice.
  • Don’t save it til the end. Much easier to do when you carry your water with you, but make sure you aren’t waiting until 5 p.m. to start downing your water. Take sips throughout the day, make sure its by you when you’re eating lunch, etc.
  • Track it. I am a very competitive person (in case you haven’t realized…) and I like to always compete against myself (co*loser*ugh) so tracking my water intake helps me become better the next day… and the day after that…


Many people also say that you can count the water in high-water content foods, like fruits. However, I think this is tricky to estimate so it’s best to try to drink more straight water.


How much water do you drink a day? Any tips for C as he starts on his running adventure? 

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