My heart goes out to those impacted by yesterday’s shooting in Connecticut… thoughts and prayers with all the families, children and residents of Newtown. I can’t even put into words how upsetting it is that something like this happened. I think it’s hard enough for us to comprehend what happened, and even more so difficult for little kids. I do with there was a way we could stop these horrific tragedies from happening. 


This morning I had my first 20 miler for the Houston Marathon and you will never believe what I did… I forgot to bring a gel! I usually bring one gel with me on long training runs over 14 miles. Well, I was in a hurry (what’s new) and thinking about dropping my holiday cards in the mailbox… after all, this guy spent a lot of time putting them together:

When I started running, I realized that there was no gel in my Fuel Belt.


It may have slowed me down a bit towards the end, but I didn’t bonk. Something to make me stronger?

Three things:

  1. I felt like this run was really strong, partly because the weather was absolutely perfect (mid 30s)
  2. After last week’s fog, I was kind of missing the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building… but got my fix this morning and saw both of them
  3. I had a really stressful week this week for several different reasons and this is just what I needed. I love how pounding the pavement for a few hours just has a way of clearing your brain and making things more sensical. (<– may or may not have made that word up)


I’m feeling confident for Houston and hoping that my training over the next few weeks continues to be strong… I want to break that 3:30! I can’t believe I only have two more official long runs left (17 and 20) and then it’s taper time.

My recovery drink today was Cheribundi:


I love this stuff. They put it in smaller bottles which makes it the perfect portion to drink right when you get done with a workout. Plus cherries have been proven to help with muscle recovery! I’ll take it.

Now we are off to finish our Christmas shopping. I am SO excited because we are hitting up this huge Japanese market in New Jersey. The bus to get there only costs $3! Hopefully we’ll find some awesome goodies to wrap up our shopping.


Do you take gel on your long training runs? How’s your holiday shopping going?

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