I’m not sure if you remember, but earlier this year this video went viral for Dollar Shave Club:


So funny. Anyways, C signed up for the service (didn’t I tell you I love the monthly shopping services?!) and we decided that we were going to share the blades since they are so cheap (hey, frugality at it’s finest!). Today is actually the first day that I tried it and ohmygosh it is amazing! Not sure what I was waiting for but the video is for real — their blades are awesome. Maybe it’s just that men’s razors are better than woman’s?

Random thought of the day. 😉 You probably read my post yesterday and thought where’s all the running talk? I was feeling a little down because the tendon on the bottom front of my shin was a little sore after my 20 miler and I was thinking that it was going to sidetrack my training. But good news, after an extra rest day, it completely went away!

This is possibly one of the biggest pieces of advice that I share with people: listen to your body.

It is so hard to do that when are you excited about running, as most of us are addicted to the endorphin high. But it’s so important to take that step back and if something doesn’t feel right or it just seems a little off… take an extra day off. You will thank yourself in the end. (This coming from the girl who was sidelined for two months for trying to run through shin splints… yeah, definitely not smart.)


Have you ever used men’s razors? Dollar Shave Club? Ever not listen to your body and tried to “run” through an injury?

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