Last night we tried making root beer with our Soda Stream and I have to say this is the best flavor we’ve had yet! To me, it tastes like 1919 Root Beer — which used to be on tap in a lot of bars across Wisconsin. But it’s definitely the best root beer I’ve ever had, so that says a lot about Soda Stream’s root beer!

This week has been absolutely crazy and I’m feeling so unprepared for Christmas next week! Did you hear that Wisconsin is supposed to get a HUGE storm tomorrow?


Thankfully it’s supposed to only rain here on Friday and then clear up so our flight should be OK. I am so excited to get out of the city for a few days and relax, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to get out of town.

And I’m super excited for all the holiday traditions to look forward to, especially since this is the first Christmas C and I have spent in the same state. You know, the whole sugar cookie making (and dough eating… shhh), spending Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family and watching the kids open their gifts. Hopefully my nephew is still on his Monopoly kick because I could totally play that for an entire day right now.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with everything lately and my time is super limited. I swear that time in New York disappears faster than in any other time zone. You know, the whole “New York minute” thing… I am pretty sure it’s real (unless you are at work, then it reverses itself).

But I’ve been trying to keep running a priority. After all, the Houston Marathon is only weeks away! How did that happen?

This morning was an easy 4 miles and I ended the workout with 120 squats and 12 burpees for the 2012 Closeout Challenge. My goal was to be halfway with reps on the 15th but yeah, that didn’t happen… I should break 1,000 tomorrow which means I have 10 days to finish the other 1,012. No problemo!


What’s your favorite brand of root beer? Do you like playing Monopoly? Are you participating in the Closeout Challenge? 

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