I cannot believe that we leave for Wisconsin tomorrow! It sounds like they got a ton of snow — when I talked to my mom last night, she said they had over a foot and they were still supposed to get more. You know what that means…?


I love sledding with my niece and nephew and with a new layer of snow, that means it’s absolutely perfect. There’s this ginormous hill in my town (well I must admit it seemed a lot bigger when I was younger) where kids build jumps and you seriously fly down it. Hopefully we’ll have some time to hit it up while we’re back. After all, C needs a good tour of the entire town since this is his first time being there during the holidays (his first tour took… four minutes. Yep, that’s how small it is).


Favorite Five

  • My secret person for Hung 4 the Holidays was Bri from See Bri Run! Check out her blog to see the ornament I sent her (I wish I could have found more because it’s super cute!).
  • Go give Marcia at Marcia’s Healthy Slice a HUGE pat on the back… she did a 10 minute plank! Seriously, that is amazing. She has some good tips on how you can improve your plank time.
  • Shalane Flanagan is one of my favorite distance runners and I loved reading her “Girl Talk” interview with Women’s Running. You’ll enjoy it too, I promise.
  • Katelyn at Chef Katelyn shares her tips on how she stays sane during the holidays. Great read and some great tips that anyone can use during this crazy time of year.
  • Madeline at Food Fitness Family has an awesome cookie recipe from a family friend. They look delicious and super easy to make. Perfect for those holiday parties.



Odd races keep popping up everywhere, but this Yuengling Light Lager Jogger 5K sounds like a really fun event. It’s held right at the Yuengling brewery in Pennsylvania and your race fee includes your standard t-shirt but also a free pint glass, two free beers, brewery tours and an after party. It sounds pretty incredible.


If it wasn’t the weekend of Boston I think we may have been booking a trip to Pennsylvania.


My wonderful husband brought this home for me last night…

…currant bread! It was so yummy and perfect after a stressful week. (I’m such an emotional eater when it comes to stress, it’s ridiculous. Must. work. on.)


I have lots of yarn crafting to work on this weekend (boo for running out of time) but I hope I have a chance to read Dean Karnazes’ book, “Run.” (I just got it for Christmas!). It sounds so good:

In his follow-up to the best-selling Ultra-Marathon Man, world-renowned ultra marathoner Dean Karnazes chronicles his unbelievable exploits and explorations in gripping detail; Karnazes runs for days on end without rest, across some of the most exotic and inhospitable places on earth, including the Australian Outback, Antarctica, and the back alleys of New Jersey.
From the downright hilarious to the truly profound, the stories in Run! provide readers with the ultimate escape and offer a rare glimpse into the mindset and motivation of an extreme athlete, one who has, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Not only pushed the envelope but blasted it to bits.”
Karnazes addresses pain and perseverance, and he also charts the emotional as he pushes to the edges of human achievement.  The tales of the friendships he’s cultivated on his many adventures around the world warm the heart, and are sure to captivate and inspire readers whether they run great distances, modest distances, or not at all.
P.S. [Shameless Plug]: Check out my latest Examiner.com article — Top 5 last-minute gift ideas for runners!
What are your random thoughts for the day? 



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