Right now I am sitting here looking out my parents’ kitchen window to see snow steadily come down. Amazing. Exactly how it should be on Christmas Eve!

Yesterday’s Packers game was SO much fun!

I swear there isn’t a bad seat in that stadium! We were bundled up really well (some people showed up in jeans and a jacket, even though it was supposed to be below 30* during the game) and it made the whole experience so much better. While a close game is sometimes more fun to watch, the blowout was pretty cool since we got to see them score so much.

Afterwards, we headed to the casino (Wisconsin tradition) where I proceeded to be a big winner… $3. Watch out now. 🙂 Later we went out with my best friend from high school, her fiance and sister to the little town bar for our annual Christmas Eve Eve celebration. We had run of the bar and it was a great way to cap off the day.

Now it’s time to get ready for Christmas… and buy some last-minute gifts (since I didn’t finish that blanket of mine). I wanted to share with you an awesome gift I got in the mail right before I left… from Courtney’s Sock Swap.

The idea behind the Sock Swap is that you are matched with another blogger and you have to send them a pair of socks filled with their favorite things. I will have to share photos of mine once my blogger friend receives them.

I received mine from Melissa right before we left for the holiday… and I’m so happy that I opened it up!


She gifted me some super fun holiday socks along with a few of my old and now new favorite things:


Sport beans! And Honey Stingers, which I can’t wait to try. I am currently obsessed with nail polish and was excited to see this in my package. The hand warmers were what kept my toesies warm during the Packers game yesterday… without them I don’t think I could have made it the entire game. Love love love it all!


How do you spend your Christmas Eve? Any awesome traditions? (Love traditions!)

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