Three things I learned while I was back in WI:

  1. Honda Civics do not handle snow well
  2. NYC hates when it’s residents leave and punishes them with terrible travel
  3. Sugar cookies can be eaten at any time of day and taste just as delicious


We were delayed on both our flight to Wisconsin and back to New York City. Although with how crazy the weather was yesterday we are just happy that our flight wasn’t canceled. We were delayed by about an hour and a half, which isn’t terrible. Once we got up in the sky, you couldn’t even tell that there was a big bad storm hitting half the country:


Luckily our bags made it through this time around (and were like the first ones out too).

Now it’s back to reality…


I kicked off my morning with a run in the park and I feel like my legs were punishing me for taking time off running. I knew we were going to be crazy busy back in Wisconsin so — I hope you’re sitting down — I didn’t even bring my running shoes with… yep. Bad runner. 🙂

So this morning my shin and my hip were hurting throughout the run and I stopped a few times to stretch out my shin. It seemed to help but with the Houston Marathon only two and a half weeks away… not what you want to be feeling on an easy run. This weekend is my last 20 miler — and the weather should be interesting:


As long as it stays as snow, I’ll be happy!


Are you experiencing any travel woes this holiday season? When’s your next race? 

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