In lieu of the normal Friday Randomness, I thought it would be more fun to do a “Best of 2012” post. I’ve seen a few of these floating around… 2012 was a really exciting year so there are a lot of great things to pick from!

Best Marathon: 
Hands down this is the Houston Marathon. I also ran the Boston Marathon and Brooklyn Marathon this year, but the Houston Marathon just had something special about it. Perhaps it was because I had the opportunity to meet Meb…

yep. we’re bff’s.

…but mostly I think it was because I surrounded by family! I am excited to return to this race in a few weeks and beat last year’s time!

Best New (to me) Product: 
I absolutely fell in love with CLICK Espresso Protein Powder this year!

My favorite flavor is Vanilla Latte and it is a staple of my breakfast. I love that while it has a coffee taste, it’s not overwhelming.

Best Race: 
I ran a lot of races this year. And I mean a lot. So this is kind of a tough question.

I would say that my favorite race was the Ragnar Relay that we ran as Maids of Dishonor.

It was such an incredible experience and definitely unforgettable. I made some great friends over that weekend and also some memories that will be with me forever.

Best Meal: 
While I would love to say that it was this amazing sandwich, I would have to say the Tex Mex Rice Bowl was an easy favorite. I love how quickly I was able to prepare this and it was also infused with my favorite Mexican flavors!

Best Day: 
I bet you aren’t surprised but my favorite day was our wedding (read part 1 and part 2 here).

It was the most amazing day and even more special than I could have ever imagined. It’s hard to believe that it was nearly three months ago.

Best Vacation: 
I haven’t talked about it much but beyond our wedding, but this would definitely be our wedding/honeymoon!

(Hey, we kept traveling so it counts as one vacation!) It was amazing to have a vacation where you can spend time on the beach and then turn around for a European adventure. I promise, more recaps soon… but this is definitely one that will go down in history as best ever.

Best (Running) Memory: 
Even though it was the biggest bust of all busts due to the weather, running the Boston Marathon this year was an incredible experience.

There is so much history on this course that it will always be a favorite race of mine. The weather gave me an opportunity to experience the course in a different way than I ever would have on a “perfect” weather day — stopping to talk to my family along the way, high-fiving every kid I could find and running through every sprinkler.

Best of the Best: 
All in all 2012 was an amazing year and I am excited to see what 2013 has to bring! Anyways, the reason why 2012 was so amazing was because of a collective group of awesomeness from running incredible races to meeting elites to marrying my best friend to meeting you all!


What were the best things about 2012 in your life? Post a link to your “Best of” post!

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