Happy last day of 2012! I can’t believe how fast this year went, it seems like the past couple of months seriously flew by. I already recapped the “best of” the year in an earlier post, but wanted to pull out some highlights because this year was pretty awesome:


More about my goals for 2013 tomorrow. But now it’s time to get prepared for our big night out…

Tonight we are going to see one a world favorite DJ, Armin Van Buren. It should be fun. Although we thought that we had seats (we bought VIP tickets) so I bought these crazy wedges (they were 70% off, awesome deal)…

…and now it sounds like we will be standing the whole time. Oops. At least they are wedges so they shouldn’t kill my feet too much.

Before we head out, I’m trying to wrap up the 2012 Closeout Challenge. I have quite a few squats to do to finish up the challenge today but I will get it done! I am bummed because my left leg hurts below the shin on the front and I hope it goes away so it doesn’t flare up during the marathon. There’s always something, right?


How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve? What were your favorite moments from 2012? 


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