I am committed to appreciating everything I have in my life — from an amazing family to fantastic friends to a healthy body — in 2013 and to continue down the path of having an AWESOME life. We may have a big announcement coming towards the end of the year (no, we’re not having a baby) but until then… setting lots of goals to make this year unforgettable!

Before I get into that, I’ll back up and take a look at my goals for 2012:

  • Run marathons #7 (Houston Marathon), #8 (Boston Marathon) and #9 (Brooklyn Marathon): DONE. And running #10 on January 13… great start to the new year!
  • Break 3:30 with my marathon time. Dream goal: Achieve under a 3:23 at Boston Marathon to qualify for 2012 ING NYC Marathon: NOPE. Sad. Didn’t make this happen. I was close — only about 2 minutes and 20 seconds away from it. This is something I will revisit in 2013!
  • Run as many of half-marathons in the NYRR Half-Marathon Series as possible (Manhattan Half (out of town); Brooklyn Half, Staten Island Half; Bronx Half and Queens Half): DONE! Well, NYRR changed it to the 5-Borough Series so I ran the Brooklyn Half, Queens 10K, Bronx 10 Miler and the Staten Island Half. I’m committing myself to run the Manhattan Half in 2013! But because I ran most of them, I received guaranteed entry in the NYC Half on March 17.
  • Do the 9+1 to receive guaranteed entry in the 2013 ING NYC Marathon: DONE! I will be running the ING New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 3. I still have to register but I have guaranteed entry so I should be IN!
Three out of four ain’t bad, at least that’s what Meatloaf would say. I am proud of being able to meet my goals that I set for 2012… and being even more ambitious in 2013!
And now… this year’s resolution:
When you get into the doldrums of the day, especially M-F, it’s hard to remember this. But my goal is to remember this and to appreciate everything I have in my life every. single. day.
To add a little flair to the year, I’ve also set 13 goals:
  • Run 6 marathons. [Houston Marathon/Jan. 13; Boston Marathon/Apr. 15; Big Sur Marathon/Apr. 28; NYC Marathon/Nov. 3; TBD; TBD]
  • Knit a sweater
  • Try Korean BBQ
  • Run an “adventure” run (i.e., Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, etc.)
  • Do a 10 minute plank (Thanks Marcia for the inspiration!)
  • Sign up for an international marathon (to run in 2014)
  • Crochet an elephant
  • Watch Star Wars
  • Invent a new recipe at least once a month
  • Go to four fitness classes
  • Show the kettle bell some love at least once a week
  • Learn to control my emotional eating
  • Become more organized


Some of these will be easy to complete — Korean BBQ, done — but others will take a full-year commitment (become more organized). I’m excited to tackle each and every one of these and make 2013 the best year yet! Cheers!


What is your number one resolution this year? What are some of the goals you have? 

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