I didn’t make a resolution to stop being a crazy cat lady so here you go:

Cutest picture. Ever. I think it’s SO funny that he’s not a “morning” cat… who knew that even animals were subject to being a morning or night creature (and besides, aren’t cats nocturnal? Shouldn’t early mornings be fine?).

Anyways, my new year got off to an awesome start yesterday:

2012 Closeout Challenge winner
! Which means I have some new amazing shoes from Reebok coming to me in the mail. Wahoo! I am so excited that I won, especially since this challenge was a little hard to complete (seriously, where in the world did December go?). Most of my exercises were squats (accompanied by burpees and miles) and I have a new appreciation for this exercise. Like I kind of want to randomly break them out throughout the day at work to get my heart pumping…

This morning I woke up to frigid temperatures:

BRR! Luckily I still have this windbreaker from a race I ran while we were living in MN (it was the Resolution Run!) and it was perfect for this morning’s chilly run. I always add on 20 degrees to the current temperature for an estimate of what it’ll feel like once I get warmed up, so even then it was only 32* — layers are a must.

I did four miles and everything felt great… no weird pain in my shin, phew!

Hard to believe it’s already taper time for the Houston Marathon and its only a week and a half away. I have big goals this year for the race — aka Allen Parkway will be dominated — and I hope Mother Nature cooperates so I have a better chance of making these a reality.


What’s the coldest temperature you’ll run in? How is 2013 treating you so far? 

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