In the midst of my “idontwanttowakeupimtootired” response to my alarm clock this morning, I had an awesome realization: today needed to be a rest day. My long run days are on Saturdays, and with the race on a Sunday, I need to flip tomorrow’s rest day with today’s run.


Last night I finally was able to try that awesome chili recipe I found on Chobani’s website. The chili ban has been lifted in our household (note: the way to do it is to realize you have nothing in mind for dinner and can’t find anything on Pinterest, so that’s the last option) and deliciously so.


Of course, the recipe wasn’t complete without adding in some cheese.


I think I may have finally found the perfect white chicken chili recipe!

Sadly, there was a casualty during the cooking process.

Who knew Pyrex could break?

Anyways, once I finally broke out of my slumber stupor (seriously, how do I get so tired?), I checked my email and came across this:


How awesome! I love getting race bags because it’s fun looking at everything, but in reality, I toss the majority of the stuff away because it’s not relevant (especially for a race like Houston where they have a lot of local sponsors that I can’t use in New York). So I’m excited to see what the “virtual race bag” entails.

I still can’t believe that the race is 10 DAYS AWAY! How in the world did that happen?


Virtual race bag: YAY or NAY? What’s the worst thing you’ve broken in your kitchen? 


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