Recently we tried to rekindle our tradition of going out for happy hour and dinner on Friday nights. We did this when we first moved to the city because it was a really good way to explore and try new places… and then we got kind of jaded and turned into bums that fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 p.m. on Friday nights. A few months ago, we realized our departure from NYC was going to be sooner rather than later and wanted to keep this tradition alive so we could make sure to experience everything.

Last night we headed over to Pony Bar in Hell’s Kitchen which is known for its amazing selection of craft beers (and the fact that they update it every 15 minutes or so on their website). It was my lucky night: the first two drinks I ordered cashed out the keg which meant they were FREE since I didn’t get a full glass. I’ll take it!

Oh, and in case you don’t have enough social media profiles, definitely check out Untappd (thanks, Ashley for the reco!). It’s so fun to track and find new beers. Apparently that’s my game:



We then headed over to Chelsea Grill which was super good. C was people watching and witnessed the oddest thing: there was a table of four people that were drinking, having conversation, etc. The waitress brought out their food. C said they all looked at each other, grabbed their stuff and left. They didn’t even touch their food. It’s not like it looked nasty or they were mad about something? He later heard the waitstaff talking and they were all confused why the people left. How very rude. I mean they probably had at least a $75 bill worth of drinks and food that they walked out on. Who does that?

I noticed this place next door…


…and tried my hardest to convince C it was the place TO BE. But he said drinking beer and finishing up the night with frozen yogurt was gross? I said order something salty and you have your problem solved.

Today we continued our adventure by going to see Lincoln, which was absolutely amazing and makes me want to read every history book about him to learn more. Now it’s time to cheer for the future Super Bowl winners.


Who do you think will be playing in the Super Bowl? Do you think eating frozen yogurt after drinking beer is gross? 

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