This weekend was a great weekend, but whenever football is, it always is. So pumped that the Packers are moving on (although I didn’t really have any doubt that they would be) although I was so sad to see RGIII in so much pain yesterday. I don’t understand why they kept him in the game for so long, the guy was hobbling around and couldn’t even walk normally. I can’t even imagine how much pain he was in.

To make sure everyone in our house is a Packer backer, I made these toys for the boys. Jax cracked me up… whether he knew it or not, he plopped himself right on top of his — I think in an attempt to hide it from Apollo… but he didn’t do a very good job.

Yesterday was my last long run for the Houston Marathon! I can’t believe it’s less than a week away. I ran eight miles. It’s always weird when you get into taper stage and your legs just feel so tired. Or is that just me? I always feel like even going a couple of miles is such a chore and it can be so detrimintal to your state of mind.

The weather keeps changing (I swear marathon weather freaks me out more than wedding weather ever did) and now its at a cool 49 with rain:

In all the races I’ve run, I haven’t had to deal with a lot of rain… I’ve started races with a little drizzle (Madison Marathon) and run a few miles in some rain (Ragnar) but not the entire race… interested to see if and how this forecast continues to change (loving the temperature, hope that stays the same).

P.S. Talk about a good way to start my Monday… Jennifer at the Fit Fork just emailed me that I won her favorite things giveaway!

P.S.S. I think today is the last day you can sign up for the New Year, New Gear swap with Nicole at Apples and Arteries! Be sure to check it out!


What is your least favorite thing about tapering? Tips for running a marathon in the rain? 

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