Last night I had a dream that the agent at the airport accidentally rebooked our flight as a trip to Paris (?) and we were no longer going to be able to get to Houston for the marathon. She ended up being to switch it but the important thing to note is: marathon > Paris. Always. Unless its the Paris Marathon.

I think I would like to go to Paris someday… although from what I’ve heard from other people, it’s better as a one-day excursion within another trip rather than a whole trip dedicated to it.

Taper phase is loved and hated by most runners… I mean it’s great because after weeks of pounding, your body finally gets the rest and break that it needs. But, it’s hard NOT to feel antsy, bored, undertrained, drained, etc. because that’s all you can think about. “Why is this part of my leg hurting? Does that mean that I can’t make the race?” and “I can’t believe these pants are so hard to button… they slipped on so easy a few weeks ago” are common thoughts that run through my mind during taper. (The above craziness can be attributed to taper, too.) It’s important to remind yourself of the bigger picture: Marathon Day.

Taper will be much appreciated once you hit that 20th mile and are beginning to see the wall form in front of you. Your entire body will appreciate the few weeks “break” that taper provides.

Anyways, as a consequence of taper, my mind also starts racing for other things to do. And one of the things I was thinking about is I have plans to be more physically fit this year and I even have goals that help to expand my horizons. I have been addicted to reading Alex’s Healthy Living on the Cheap series and more recently stumbled across And Then We Saved which has super good tips. I think I need to focus on becoming financially fit, too.

Overall, I feel like we are in a pretty good place — we are pretty good at menu planning, we have a debt snowball, money goes into savings, etc., etc. but I think there’s always room for improvement. I am a sucker for online shopping. I probably get 47 emails a day about the latest sales and while I always tell myself its window shopping, it always isn’t the case.

So! That means new goals and a new challenge for myself… 🙂

  1. Limit myself to $100 “fun” spending a week (this does not sound like a lot but given that M-Th I just try to get home at a normal hour, this shouldn’t be too bad). This will rollover into the next week (only spent $50 for one week, have $150 for the next)
  2. If it’s a purchase over $50, must think about it for a week (stolen from And Then We Saved)
  3. Limit credit card use unless it’s absolutely necessary


Updates coming soon… 🙂 Off to jury duty!


If you visited Paris, what did you think about it? 

Do you have any goals to be “financially fit” this year? 

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