My day on jury duty yesterday was quite uneventful. I think the highlight was a judge coming in and asking if people were interested in sitting on a three week murder case. That would have been pretty interesting but three weeks? That’s a crazy long commitment! My favorite part of the whole day was going to Chipotle for lunch:

C thinks it’s really weird to go out to eat by yourself, even if it is something fast like Chipotle (reminds me of Rachel in Friends when she can’t dine alone). I like doing it occasionally… sometimes you just need that quiet time.

I also decided to try a new protein drink yesterday morning:


C challenged his coworker to the Special K diet for a week, where you have to have the cereal for breakfast, a bar for snack, this shake for lunch and a snack of chips… and then you can eat a sensible meal for dinner.

The taste is fine — it has a little bit of the chalky taste — but it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do: keep you full. I was hungry about 2 hours later and that was after drinking it with some toast. I think I’ll stick with my CLICK Espresso Vanilla Latte.

This morning I slept in a little bit and did a four mile run outside. Tomorrow is a three mile run, the last run before RACE DAY! Which by the way, is just getting rainier and rainier. It will definitely be an experience to run 26.2 in the rain. However, maybe it won’t rain the entire time… The one thing I am most concerned about is soggy feet. Any good sock recommendations? I have some Nike Dri-Fit ones that might be best.


Yay or nay: Eating alone?

Do you run the day before a big race or use it as a rest day? I always use it as a rest day because otherwise my legs get crabby… even if its just a quick mile run! 


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