This morning was my last run before the Houston Marathon! My body is really weird and if I run the day before a long run, or marathon, it gets really crabby the day of the important run. Even if I only run a mile or two. So I always make sure the day before is a rest day.

Now… figuring out how to dress for 50s and rain? I have an outfit somewhat picked out:

But now I’m second-guessing everything (missed it by a day). I get really hot when I run so I think I’ll be OK. But might throw in a rain jacket for good measure.




Favorite Five


Remember that little thing called the 2012 Closeout Challenge that I won? Well my prize (Reebok Real Flex Transitions) came in the mail yesterday:


Which I’m so stoked about — perfect timing! I will be rocking these in Houston this weekend for the expo and when we head to Chipotle for my pre-race dinner. And, P.S., absolutely love these colors: grey and pink?! Can’t get much better than that.


I know a lot of people have resolutions for the New Year and I think the Skinny Jeans Challenge by Go Fit Gals is a perfect way to make your fitness dreams and goals come true:

Get yourself looking sexy in your favourite pair of skinny jeans!

Our 6-Week Skinny Jean Challenge launches on January 14th and runs until February 25th.

This time around, it’s all about keeping you motivated! No tape measure or scale required. Instead, we need you to make daily changes to your health and then show us what changes you made.

To compete in this Challenge, you will take a picture – every day – of a healthy habit and post it on our Facebook, Instagram (GoFitGals), orTwitter (Use hashtag #SJChallenge).


PLUS you can win some awesome prizes and automatically find a community of people to help keep you motivated.

It starts on Monday and I think I’m going to do it! I finally bought my first pair of skinny jeans a few weeks ago and I understand that the fuss is about.


What are your random thoughts for the day? 

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