It’s hard to believe that the Houston Marathon is already tomorrow. It seemed like, when I signed up last June, that the day would never be here.

Last year I had an amazing time running this race. It’s C’s hometown so it holds a special place in his heart plus I have an automatic group of cheer-er on-ers in his family and their family friends. The Houston Marathon ran along an amazing course, I saw parts of Houston that I didn’t know existed (yes, it is a beautiful city despite what you’ve heard) and enjoyed seeing it all. Well, except for Allen Parkway… which was hillier than I thought and way later in the race than expected.

It was also a busy weekend: we kicked it off by watching Meb rock it at the Olympic Trials (and meeting him!) and I went dress shopping with C’s mom and family friend.

yep. we’re bff’s.

I finished with my second-best marathon time, 3:32.19. And promptly burst into tears as soon as I saw my family.

That won’t be happening this year.

So my goals for this year’s race:

  1. I would love love LOVE to break 3:30. That is my ultimate goal (and one of my top goals for 2013). I ran a 3:39 in Brooklyn, after taking nearly two weeks off in the middle of training for the wedding, so hey… it could happen.
  2. I want to dominate Allen Parkway. This surprised me last year. I had heard about Allen Parkway before the race and someone said it was an unexpected hill. So around mile 14 or 16, there was a hill… and I thought that was it. And then the 3:30 pace group passed me a few miles later, and as they ran by, I heard the pacer tell the group that Allen Parkway was ahead. This killed me mentally.
  3. I will not let the rain get me down. There is a high chance of rain for this race, and while the chance of it raining throughout the entire marathon is slim, it may happen. I need to remember to have a good time and go with it! Rain won’t kill me and if anything, it will make a really awesome memory for #10!


What race course really surprised you… in a good way? Any last-minute tips for the race? 

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