We received a notice yesterday that United switched our flight time for Big Sur to four hours earlier! I’ve never quite understood how you can book a trip and then the airline comes back and tells you that they’ve changed the flight time… sometimes by a few hours? It’s just bizarre to me because usually you pick your flight time for a reason… aka you have work or something else otherwise you would have picked that time. It’s kind of like ordering pizza at a restaurant and having them bring you an omelette because that is probably what you really want.

Ay. At least United was super nice about it and we were able to rebook (free) for a later flight. Actually works out a little better than what we originally had.

Have I mentioned how pumped I am to run a marathon with these awesome views?


Anyways, on to the important stuff: running. I took today as a rest day as well… my legs were still sore when I went to bed last night and figured that one extra day of rest would be nice. The tough part is my body is getting used to sleeping in until 7 instead of getting up at 6, which should make for an interesting few days once I get back into the swing of things.

I’ve started thinking about what’s next. My next race is the Manhattan Half Marathon on January 28 in Central Park. This is the only race of the 5-Borough Series that I haven’t ran and I’m excited for it! I love signing up for a shorter race a few weeks after a marathon because you always feel so speedy.

I also have several challenges going on right now… are you surprised? Here they are:

  1. Running Reboot Challenge sponsored by Fit Approach. I totally love all of these challenges on Challenge Loop! They are so fun and a great way to stay motivated… plus winning prizes is an added benefit.
  2. Diet Bet. FitFluential is hosting a DietBet that starts on Monday. You put $25 in a pot and if you lose 4% of your body weight 28 days from the start, you and everyone else who completed the challenge splits the pot. It reminds me of this site my sister and I have been using for fitness challenges, Weight Loss Wars. I am excited to join this one with fellow bloggers!
  3. Money Makeover. More details on how I am doing on this on Monday (recapping two weeks) but I challenged myself to only spend $100 on “fun” including clothes, race entries, eating out, etc. So far, so good… it’s really helping to keep me accountable!

Are you participating in any challenges? Tell me about them! Have you been to Big Sur? 

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