Today was the first day that I got my sweat on since the Houston Marathon… my hamstring is still feeling super tight and a little off, so my personal PT (aka C) said I should take another rest day.

I decided it would be a good opportunity to do some cross-training, specifically for my ab muscles… and time to spend some QT with my beloved:

I created a quick workout and was my muscles were so crabby after 2 rounds… next time, I’m going for 3:

(KB lift = laying on back in sit-up position, hold kettlebell at chest and raise slowly and lower (one rep)

(Weighted crunch = laying on back in sit-up position, put two dumbbells in your hands and extend out behind you. Lift your arms with your body to do a sit-up. The added weight makes it BURN!)

Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a good running day!


Favorite Five



I recently started reading Chrissie Wellington’s book, “A Life Without Limits,” and it’s really good.

I actually started it on the plane back from Houston, but was already in the middle of Jodi Picoult’s book, House Rules (which is really good). I can’t wait to read more about Chrissie’s story — already I can tell she’s pretty much incredible.


What are your random thoughts for the day? 

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