To think that last week at this time I was passed out celebrating finishing the Houston Marathon!

It feels like it was wayy longer than a week ago. Today was the first day that I ran since finishing the marathon. My left leg has not been happy all week… my hamstring was super tight and then on Friday (don’t laugh), I managed to trip and fall as I was walking to work so now I have a huge bruise on my knee. I ran five miles and it went well, despite having a huge random knot of pain in my quad. Looks like I’ll be spending some time with The Stick during the football games today.

I will also be reading this book during the games today:

Janae at Hungry Runner Girl mentioned it a few weeks ago and I thought it sounded really interesting… a different approach on marathon training. I looked into it and it has awesome reviews from people who have used it in the past. I’ve done the same type of training for the past few marathons and it feels like I’ve plateaued around the 3:35 mark.

I want to get that sub 3:30 and I think to do that, I need to have a different approach to training. Most importantly: I need to bring the speed training back. I’ve used every excuse under the sun to not do speedwork basically since we moved to NYC, but I just need to do it. C said there’s a (ghetto) track nearby but that might be enough to get my speed on.

And just because you need  some cat love in your life:

I have to share this one too… I was working on my plank this morning and this is what Jax came up with:


Who do you want to see in the Super Bowl? Do you do a lot of speedwork? Where do you get your training plans? 

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