I have a soft spot in my heart for salespeople because a lot of what I have to do in my day job is similar to what they do, so I know how it feels when people are super rude to you when you are trying to do your job. Anyways, we hit up Bed Bath & Beyond this weekend and they were doing a demonstration for this stuff?

How catchy is the name — Jaws (just add water system)? C is convinced this was on one of the reality shows. Anyways, the speel behind it is that you reuse the bottle once it’s empty and see the little tube on the side? You stick that in the top and it remixes your cleaning solution.

The sales person said that for every 27 truckloads that would be used to ship the bottles, you just need one truckload of the little tubes. I tried it yesterday and it worked just as well, if not better, than other bathroom cleaner. I’m interested to see how it works once you are using the “tube” solution. We paid $5.99 for the bottle and the tube and she said you can get the refill tubes for about $2 each, which isn’t too bad… plus I guess you are kind of saving the world by making people transport less!


My leg is feeling better this morning, although my hamstring is still pretty tight (what is it’s deal?!). I ran a quick three miles this morning… I am running the Manhattan Half Marathon next weekend so I want to take it easy this week… it would be awesome to PR! Plus I will be reading my new training plan book this week so hopefully I’ll be ready to go after the half marathon.

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. today, I want to share this quote:


If you have the day off, how are you spending it? What’s your favorite “As Seen on TV” product? 



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