I started reading “Hansons Marathon Method” yesterday and it is such a good book. I was glued to it on the subway and people next to me probably thought I was some kind of science nerd because there are all of these technical charts in it.

Nope, just a runner.

Anyways, hopefully I’m not busting copyright but wanted to share this one paragraph that is SO TRUE:

I know I’ve spoken about speedwork a bit lately but just reiterates that I NEED to make it part of my weekly workouts… no excuses. When we lived in Minnesota, I worked at a school district… so very easy access to a track. In FL, it was a little different… I ran along a highway that was straight and flat so I used my Garmin to measure track distances. My Garmin had issues when we moved to NYC, so I threw it to the side, and along with it any speed workouts. Anyone have a good reco for a GPS that works well in the city? (My old one used to take for-ev-er to wake up and then it would always drop signals.)

I haven’t been this excited over a training plan since I first read “Advanced Marathoning,” which is the training plan I used to qualify for Boston. There is something about reading about VO2 max that makes running just seem so technical.

In other exciting news, C finally got his special cereal bowl yesterday:

He hates, hates, HATES soggy cereal and this is the miracle worker to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ve read it’s really good for chips and salsa too. Me, I love soggy cereal. Especially Fruity Pebbles. I used to pour it into the bowl, let it soak for 5 minutes in milk and then eat it.


Apparently I’m in the minority?


P.S. I really don’t like this guy

P.S.S. Did you join the FitFluential DietBet? I’m 41% to my goal! Woo!


GPS recommendations? Do you like soggy or crispy cereal? What’s your favorite type of cereal? 



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