Fun fact: When I was 18, I participated in the Polar Plunge on New Year’s Eve. The Polar Plunge is when you jump into open water (lake) and it’s supposed to bring good luck (or so they say). I almost made the cover of the newspaper too… I wore a lime green bikini and you can see half of my body on the edge of the photo. My 13 second claim to fame.

So either it’s compete stupidity or really special genes that give me an ability to handle cold weather. Granted I did grow up in WI so when it hits the single digits, it’s considered warm. We’re used to seeing February as only in negative temperatures.

Anyways, so yes I may sound crazy to run (I guess look at the name of the blog…) in this type of weather…

But really, if its 14* or 4*, what’s the difference? As I said earlier this week, I don’t run if temperatures or windchill is below 0. That is my cut off point… even though I have some super warm Under Armour pants that I’ve worn in -15* weather and not even been cold. They are that amazing. (One day I may have to run in super cold weather again just to wear these pants.)

If you do go out in this cold weather, layers are the best thing that you can do. That way you aren’t relying on just one piece of clothing to keep you warm, but trap heat through the different clothing items. It’s also important to cover your ears, hands and chin/neck area — these are the first things to get cold on me! My toes never get cold (I think because of the actual movement of running) but there are some great wool socks for runners these days.

The park was pretty sparse this morning, although I was surprised because there was more people than I thought there would be. I did my usual loop around the park and focused on enjoying the run instead of pushing my pace. We are supposed to get 1-2″ of snow tomorrow so interested to see if it sticks around for the half marathon on Sunday.

I am back to planking every day. Remember Marcia’s 10 minute plank? Yeah, I want to do that. I’ve taken some of her tips to heart… instead of just staring at the clock, I’ve started reading things (or at least trying, Jax thinks it’s a game to sit on them) which seems to help. Getting back up there:


Ever done a polar plunge? Have you ever been featured in the newspaper? (Bragging allowed.) What’s your perfect running temperature?

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