Yesterday I finished reading Hansons Marathon Method. Despite already starting the training plan, I knew there were some other good tidbits in the book that would be really helpful as I kick start my training into the next gear.

Speaking of kick starting my training into the next gear, this happened this morning:

Yep, the original Garmin from the Dark Ages.

Just kidding.

I used to run with this regularly but after moving to NYC, I ditched it to the side as a) it was harder to find the GPS signal in the city and park and b) impatience set in (as well as limited time) so I figured running without was just as good.

So happy to be reunited. But more on that later.

I was merrily reading along when I had to do a doubletake to this information:


WAIT, what? I usually aim to eat around 1,500 calories a day and this is telling me I need to eat 2,100 calories a day. Could this be why I’ve been gaining weight instead of losing? If you’re not familiar with nutrition, you probably think that statement is the craziest thing you’ve ever heard.

Long story short: if you aren’t eating enough calories, basically your body goes into starvation mode to build up fat… hence why you gain weight even though you are eating less.

I feel like I was in much better shape when we lived in Florida. I trained slightly harder but didn’t walk as much as I do in NYC so I guess you could say it evens itself out. At the same time, I was obsessed with eating (and had the time to be). I had a very strict eating schedule and made sure to eat snacks at specified times throughout the day. I loved my snacks.

Now I’m lucky to eat lunch before 2 p.m. And well, snacks just don’t exist.

Maybe this is my problem? I seriously want to look into a trip to the nutritionist to see what a professional has to say.

Anyways, today kicked off day 2 of my fancy-schmancy new training plan.

Since I don’t have easy access to a track (let’s not talk about it), C said running along the outside of the park would be good… and it really was! No traffic lights, and while there is a little bit of a slope, it’s mostly flat. Of course, today is the one day of the winter (so far) that it’s been slippery out and one section was super bad because it had some sort of fancy brick.

I did 3 x mile (1600m) repeats + 600m rest in between. My times for the repeats:





According to the book this is a little slower than I should be at. However, considering this is my first official speed workout in TWO years, I’ll take it. It felt really good to be pushing myself. Can’t wait til next Tuesday!


How many calories do you eat a day, on average? 

City dwellers, any recommendations for a good Garmin/GPS for running? Mine takes for-ev-er to find the GPS satellite (it found it ~25 minutes into my workout this morning).


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