I completely forgot how tiring speed workouts are… and truthfully, I love that feeling! Back to my marathon training days in Florida, I remember I could barely keep my eyes open past 8 p.m. some nights because I worked out so hard. So awesome!

Last night I barely made it until our usual bedtime of 11 p.m. (yes we’re old foagies). C doesn’t have to work today (lucky! although he’s stuck working Saturday, boo) so after what happened on Sunday, I was super paranoid I was going to miss my alarm. As you can see, I woke up. 🙂 And today is a rest day… before tomorrow’s crazy tempo run which I’m slightly nervous about. My version of “tempo” has been speeding up in the park. Ha.

Yesterday also marked the re-start of reading Chrissie Wellington’s book… brief detour due to my new training plan. This book is amazing and I feel like she is so relatable, even though she is all sorts of incredible.

This is SO true:

Chrissie Wellington excerpt

There is definitely something about running with other people… you forge a friendship like no other. On runs, the most random things come to mind (at least for me) and I think you quickly make friends with someone else. After all, you are in a very “real” state of yourself and go beyond the pleasantries that often go hand in hand with grabbing dinner or something else.

I haven’t even made it to page 100 yet, so I’m excited to hear how her journey continues and what her Ironman experiences were like.

Speaking of Ironman, my friend Kara is training for Ironman Lake Placid! She is participating in it with Team in Training and has a very awesome fundraiser going on right now… a Super Bowl Pool (password: gojets)! It costs $10, you get a square, numbers are randomly drawn before the game and if you win, you get half the pot with the other half going towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to fight cancer.


What time do you usually go to bed on a weeknight? Do you find you have closer relationships with people you run with? 


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