I actually did it: I scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist! I am going next Wednesday evening and am so excited to see what she has to say. The one thing I found interesting was that the receptionist at the office said that insurance will most likely not cover a meeting with a nutritionist.

Shame on you, healthcare.

It’s insane to think that a preventative care service like visiting a nutritionist is not covered by insurance. Nutrition is confusing and difficult to understand, this coming from someone who has a passion for it and read many different things related to it.

For the average American, it’s like a foreign language. To think that people are required to pay for a service that could help them lead a healthier lifestyle… it’s absurd. Instead, it seems insurance companies would rather pay the thousands of dollars for obesity-related illness — gastric bypass surgeries, heart disease treatments and back problems.

Ay. <end rant>

This morning was a 7 mile tempo run at marathon-ish pace (8:01 per mile). I checked out the weather before leaving and it was a warm 57* with light rain. Since running Ragnar (and now the Houston Marathon), running in the rain doesn’t bother me. Before I would look at the weather, reset my alarm and go back to sleep.


However, what I thought was a little rain was actually a crazy windstorm with sideways rain. I was pretty sure that at one point, I had welts on my skin for how hard the rain was pelting me. And the wind… I don’t think I would have been surprised to see a tornado come down from the sky.

But, the important part: I made it!


And right around goal pace (I didn’t take my GPS but based on when I left/came back) so I’m happy with it.

Now the forecast is saying that tomorrow’s run may be in snow…



Do you think health insurance should cover nutritionist services? What’s the worst weather you’ve ever run in?

Thai food lovers: why should we go out for Thai tomorrow night? (Trying to convince C that this needs to be part of our weekend, need convincing arguments!)

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