My sleep brain over took my running brain and convinced myself that today should be an extra rest day… I know this is wayyy against the training plan, but you know what? It did feel good.

Over the years, Friday has been a rest day 93% of the time so I think I will need to work on changing my mentality that no, today is a run day.

Tomorrow and Sunday are 10 miles each so I know my legs will get a good workout and it’ll make up for being such a slacker today.


Favorite Five


I am so excited for this new clothing line to launch: Vielet. I connected with the owner a few weeks ago and they have some super cool stuff coming out. The company is introducing its line at the end of the month. Everything is made with merino wool, which I’ve found is really great to run in (I know running in wool sounds crazy, but it’s true…


In case you missed my tweet last night, Meb was nominated U.S. men’s marathoner of the year!


So awesome and so deserved. I feel like Meb is often overlooked (i.e., not even being named a top contender at the Olympics) and he is so talented. I love that he finally is in the spotlight and being recognized for his talent and hard work.


What are your random thoughts for the day?

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