Since our apartment is the size of a refrigerator box (alright, slight exaggeration… slight), we are always looking for things to donate to charity or throw away. C recently bought some new jackets and had some older ones to donate. So we piled them up next to the door with our intention of getting rid of them ASAP… in the last cold spell, I donated one to a homeless man I walk by on my way to work everyday… and the other one has been claimed by Jax:

I know we need to clean it off and donate it but he just loves it so much! Look at the happiness in his eyes…

This morning was an “easy” 10 miles according to the training plan. Over the years of training, I’ve learned how important easy runs are in training plans but it has definitely been a learning process.

I know when I was training for my first marathon — 2006 Twin Cities Marathon — I saw “easy” runs on the training plan and was so confused. Why in the world would they want me to run at a 9:30 or 10 minute per mile pace? Are they kidding? I FEEL GREAT AND WANT TO GO FASTER! And so I went faster. And threw the idea out of the easy run out the window.

What I failed to realize was that the easy run is so important for muscle recovery. Just like the tough runs are important to build your mentality, easy runs are there to give your muscles the chance they need to grow stronger and make you faster.

Even during today’s run, there were many times when I had to remind myself “Helloooo this is an easy run! Save the fast stuff for tomorrow!” and it worked.

Tomorrow is my “long run” of 10 miles (again), which means I can push my limits a little bit more… so all that I saved today can be used tomorrow.

I must admit that it does feel really weird to say I am running my “long run” tomorrow. I know that many people keep their long run days for Sundays but for the past like 7 years? Sunday has been my forever rest day unless something crazy happens like a wicked storm.


Do you struggle to keep “easy” runs easy? Do you prefer to have your long runs be on Saturday or Sunday? 

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