Last night’s Super Bowl was one of the best ones… it came down to the minute and I almost couldn’t even watch the last play. I think it is awesome that the Ravens won, they have a lot of awesome players that deserve the recognition. Not that the 49ers also don’t have a great roster of players… Kaepernick has a great career in front of him and it will be great to see what he can do in future years. I’m sure this isn’t his last Super Bowl.

The commercials were pretty good, I do think one of my favorites was the Paul Harvey/Dodge one… I grew up listening to Paul Harvey and around farmers so it’s hard not to love them. Bud Light had some pretty good commercials with the voodoo too…

Sooo we definitely made too much food! I was super ambitious and made our own bread for the sandwiches… and also swapped out our dessert to be mini-apple pies, which we didn’t even touch. At least we’ll have some desserts for this week.


You know I’m always up for a good swap… from Foodie Penpal to the Sock Swap, I love doing exchanges with other bloggers for so many reasons… it’s a great way to meet other bloggers and get introduced to some good stuff.

When Nicole announced that she was doing a New Year, New Gear exchange, I was so excited… it sounded like a great way to kick off the new year. I was paired up with Cecilia at Mommies Run… check out what I sent her. 🙂

Alex at Healthy Life Happy Wife (one of my favs, definitely check it out!) sent me an amazing package.


It was filled with lots and lots of goodies… in the Nuun bottle, she stuffed in some Body Glide, a reflector and also some Grape Nuun. I don’t know how I’ve never tried this flavor before because it is quite amazing. I think it has jumped ahead to be my favorite.

Thank you Alex for such a wonderful package, and thank you Nicole for hosting such a fun swap!


What’d you think about the Super Bowl commercials? Half-time show with Beyonce? 

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