Pretty sure that me and the other 8 people from Wisconsin living in New York City are the only people who get super excited when they wake up to a forecast of SNOW for the day. Yes, I might be slightly obsessed.

But let’s back up a minute: I woke up before my alarm this morning. I think this deserves a celebration in itself. Remember how a few weeks ago I slept through my alarm and missed a race? (Yeah, I’m having a hard time letting that one go.)

Usually I don’t even hear C’s alarm go off, and mine goes off a few minutes after… and I groggily turn it off and lay in bed for another 4 minutes complaining to myself. I was actually awake even before C’s alarm went off. BOOM.

Today was another day of interval training and I just keep wondering why I deprived myself of this for so long. Of course, one day I hope to actually return to the track to do these intervals, but my little road outside of the park seems to do OK (plus the slopiness of it offers a bit of a challenge).


Today was 6 x 800m + 400m for recovery. My splits were:








Apparently 3:43 was the winning number of the day. It felt good — and for some reason, it felt like I was running these a lot faster than I was. But that’s OK… considering this is only my second week of speed training in 2+ years, I will give myself some time to get back into the groove.


What forecast makes you really happy? What is your “best” or favorite distance? 

That being said, I do think I can run these faster… my short distance speed is lacking compared to what I can do in a marathon. Even my half marathon times are “meh”… let’s hope I can turn that around at the NYC Half. I won’t be sleeping through my alarm that day…

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