Today is my new established rest day and I’m loving it — a great way to break up the week of training! Tomorrow is my last run for the week because we are off to ski for the weekend.


I am being a big slacker skipping the runs because we will be skiing for two days straight and to me, that counts as a great cross-training workout weekend. I think after this tough training week, my legs will thank me and I will be more than ready to tackle next week’s runs.

Oh, and I have to mention that I’m so excited that there is a 100% chance on snow on Friday in Vermont… maybe I’ll finally get my much-needed snow fix. ­čÖé


A few weeks ago my sister told me she signed up for which I thought sounded really cool but really didn’t get into it. She traced our family back pretty far… but yesterday I came across, a free version of… and traced my Dad’s side of the family to the 1600s!

And now I’m obsessed.

It’s so crazy that you can find all of this information online… and it’s even more crazy how huge the families were back then! Like 8 or 9 kids… I can’t even imagine. The other part I was surprised about was that my ancestors seemed to marry and have kids late. For some reason, I always thought that it was one of those things where they got married at like 15 or 16… but most of them were married in their 20s!

So the fun part is that I no know I have a lot of German in me (so THAT’S where the┬ástubbornness┬ácomes from…). My Mom’s parents parents both immigrated here from Germany so she’s 100% German. My Dad’s mom’s mom immigrated from Germany, while my Dad’s mom’s father’s family has been traced back to England. My grandma has even said that she thinks we may be related to the Queen of England some how?

It makes me really want to make a trip out to Germany… Berlin Marathon, anyone? (Of course it always comes back to running!) After trips are more fun when you are headed there because of a race!


Have you traced your ancestors at all? Where would you run an international marathon? 

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