Apparently I can make it a whole weekend skiing without any wipe outs (yep, you read that right!) but I can’t make it running 6 miles without completely falling…

It’s so weird outside… I woke up to warmer weather and rain. Which just seems odd since two days ago NYC was in the midst of a blizzard. My training plan called for an easy 6, and oh man it was rough for the first mile or two. I think my body is still recovering from my brief stint as a professional skier this weekend.

On my way back from the park, I came across ice, slush and everything in between that makes winter running challenging. I thought for a moment that this must be what trail running feels like. I came onto a big piece of ice and caught my balance a few times (I thought it was just more slush) and BAM, down for the count.

And apologies to the poor lady that was splashed by the big puddle I accidentally jumped in… I didn’t realize how deep it was!

To look on the bright side? I got to integrate some plyometrics into my run this morning, which will never hurt. Plus running in the rain makes me feel like I’m so strong…

This week’s training plan is on the “easy” side… I feel somewhat guilty that I skipped my long runs last weekend but I think it can be considered a very long cross-training session with all the skiing we did…

  • Monday – Easy 6 miles
  • Tuesday – 3  x 1600 / 600 recovery
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Tempo 8 miles
  • Friday – Easy 6 miles
  • Saturday – Easy 10 miles
  • Sunday – Easy 10 miles


And if this rain is getting you down this Monday, an awesome quote to start your day off right…



Do you have rain today? Favorite part about running in the rain? What are you looking forward to this week? 

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