I finally received word from the Boston Marathon yesterday that they are processing my name change and will be sending out a new registration card. Who knew that updating your name with BAA is tougher than what you need to do for Capital One? (I emailed Capital One my new name while BAA required a marriage certificate.)

This means I can finally switch over the other half of my identity, including the rest of my bank accounts and my driver’s license. I’ve been living in limbo for the past few months, which always makes for some interesting conversations.

Me: I have a reservation under Mays.

Waiter/hotel staff/etc.: Sorry, we don’t have anything under that name.

Me: Oh wait! I mean Johnson… do you have Johnson?


I always feel like I look so silly, not even knowing my own name and then having to explain the whole “I’m in the process of changing my name…” thing. I mean, it has worked to our advantage because we’ve gotten a few free desserts out of it.

No complaints there!


This morning was another interval session — this time 3 x 1600 with 600 recovery. I’ll share my splits if you promise you won’t laugh:

1 – 7:49

2 – 8:14

3 – 7:23


It is SO icy and slippery!


In some spots that I had to slow down (in some places, pretty much stop) to make sure that I didn’t fall and crack my head open. I finally got smart on the last interval and stopped the timer at icy spots and then added that on to the end. Duh.

Of course the idea of “ideal conditions” doesn’t really exist… and while ice and snow aren’t the best to train in, it’s preparing me better for when things aren’t easy during the marathon.

I must say, though, that it would be nice to run intervals one week where there isn’t black ice on the sidewalks. Some day…


What are your ideal running conditions? Are you celebrating Fat Tuesday today? 

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