As I’m sure you heard, yesterday was Mardis Gras. I celebrated it by getting off work at an early time and working on crocheting a baby blanket. Exactly how it should be celebrated, right?!

I saw this on Saucony’s Facebook page yesterday and completely agree these are the best type of beads to earn:


I’ve been working on my snacking and eating fruit… I must say I LOVE being able to eat fruit again. I had to significantly cut down when I was diagnosed with IBS and it was the saddest thing in the world. I love having my fridge stocked with apples, oranges, grapes, blackberries, blueberries… YUM.

Of course, watermelon season can’t come soon enough…

And snacking… all I can say is why did I let this fall to the wayside? I used to get crazy headaches some days and other days would just be SO hungry. Duh. Not quite sure why I didn’t pick up a snack. 🙂

The folks at KIND sent me an awesome package of goodies and I love eating a handful of granola before I head out the door for my morning run (I thought this was going to be the most difficult adjustment… eating before my weekday runs? Turns out its not really a big deal.):

Right now my other snacks throughout the day have been focused on fruit. No complaints here! My nutritionist said I should also pair them with a protein, which is something I need to work on.

Did you celebrate Mardis Gras?

What’s your favorite protein-ish snack? I need ideas 🙂 

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